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Head Protection


Head Hat:

Provides protection from impact and penetration caused by objects hitting the head, and from limited electrical shock or burns.

Bump Caps:

Provides protection from minor bumps, bruises and lacerations in work settings where hard hat protection is not required

Eye Protection


Intended to shield the wearer’s eyes from a variety of hazards.


Intended to fit the face immediately surrounding the eyes.

Respiratory Protection


For Oxygen Deficient Atmosphere:

Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) - Provides fresh air from a remote source to the breathing area.

For Contaminated Air:

Air Purifying Respirator (APR) - Removes contaminates before reaching breathing zone, either trap particulates or neutralize or absorb gases and vapors.

Face Protection


Face shield is used when the entire face area needs protection. Worn over goggles for extra protection.

Hand Protection


Protect Hands of the worker for the harmfull chemical and other products

Body Protection

Body Protection:

It can Protect your body from harmful things.

Foot Protection



This is very crucial to wear in order to make the person safe in the workplace. The prolonged standing can cause foot discomfort. The proper quality safety shoues with thick sole can promote comfort. Its better to have anti fatigue matting and anti-slip matting so that the worker will not slip that would cause accident.
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