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Tips on How to make a guy Fall In love with you

Are you in debt?

If youíve brought debt into a relationship, itís time to come clean. Far too many people try and fail to hide debt from their partners. The key to a successful financial life is not just communication, it is honest communication and seeking help with debt if necessary.

How interested are you in money management?

If numbers arenít your thing, itís probably worth mentioning now. Donít commit to something you canít follow through with. If you arenít going to pay the bills on time and invest wisely, ask your partner to take the lead role.

Can you catch HIV from kissing?

The answer is obviously NO. The HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus can only be transmitted sexually through vagina fluid, semen through anal sex and oral sex.

Another form of transmission is by sharing of needles,that is why the HIV was so rampant during the 1970's era because that was the time when Inject-able drugs was popular and sharing of needles caused a rampant spread of the Virus.

Blood transfusion is also a method of infecting a person.

Mather and baby in the womb is another way but thanks to the technology of medicine they were able to control it by injection to stop the maternal-fetus infection of HIV

Tips on How to make a guy Fall In love with you

1) Be yourself:
my first idea is to always be myself, no matter what, so a guy likes me for me.

2) Improve your appearances to the maximum
I just try to make myself look my best. This means a cute outfit that emphasizes my best features, combed and fixed hair, a little makeup, a clean bright smile, and a spritz of light perfume.

3) Listen to Him
guys wants to talk about themselves.always listen more than I talk when I was trying to attract a guy. Talk about yourself, current topics, news events, etc about 20% of the time, and let him control the conversation about 80% of the time.

4) Laugh and Laugh
A good sense of humor is very little in the characteristics of any girls. Laugh a lot and laugh at his jokes.

5) Have a great Attitude:
Be positive, cheerful and have a sunny disposition.

6) Be sweet
Boys are drawn to girls who are sweet and don't gossip, so keep cattiness and snotty comments to yourself around your new guy.

7) Break the routine
always be the girl he always wanted to date due to surprises and doing new things.

8) Look Nice
But this isnít a habit you should get into. Try and look nice for a little bit. It lets your guy know that you care enough to put effort into your appearance!

9) Don't be TOO PDA!!!(public display of affection)
dont be too clingy..Donít get me wrong here, some public displays of affection are cute. Like when your guy pulls you a little closer and kisses your forehead.

10) Share common Interest:
Find out what type of music your guy likes, or what he likes to do with his free time

Show him you ca live with or without him. Show him that theres a lot of fish in the sea that you know your worth and he will loose a chance of a lifetime to leave you.


13) Be Different:
I want to be seen as charming, witty, and smart. So, I don't talk about all those same old topics

14) Be WITTY
Guys are drawn to girls with a funny side, and there's nothing that draws two people closer than sharing a laugh.

15) Initiate Physical Contact:
For instance, I touch his arm lightly when I'm laughing at a joke, or I'll slap him on the knee playfully if he says something funny, or Iíll touch his hand while Iím explaining something.

16) Bring him a treat
This isn't necessarily expensive trat but something that you have exerted efforts.

17) Give him Freedom
So, let your guy know that you value and respect his time with his friends, playing sports, or whatever it is he does in his spare time.

18) Don't Call Him
Let him do the pursuing, and heíll be much more interested in you.

19) Mirroring strategies
Copy his action and you'll find such connection that you cant explain

20)Stare at him:
stare deeply into his eyes while weíre talking. Now, donít look too long, or youíll appear to be a stalkerÖ Good Luck!these are just tips..the rest is up to you!

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